Thursday, June 26, 2008

Katie & Jonathan's (adventurous) Wedding!

What can I say about Katie & Jonathan's much time do we have? It's probably written down somewhere that having so much fun at work is illegal...but never the less we had an awesome time hanging out with them all day!

From the (seriously) massive thunderstorm that unleashed during their ceremony, to cruising around downtown Celebration in a golf cart, to being sprayed by a fountain (yep it happened...) adventurous barely scratches the surface!

What was really amazing for Jess and I though was just Katie & Jonathan's positive energy all day many couples would have moped grudgingly about moving their wedding indoors because of weather...or made their guests wait hours for the rain to pass? Despite the crazy weather nothing could slow them down, and they certainly kept us on our toes all day trying to keep up with them :)

On to the images!

Katie was a rockstar getting ready:

This little guy was working it for the camera:

Meanwhile Jonathan was kicking it old school on the playground:

A flying dismount here would have been nice, but you gotta keep the tux clean!

About 2 minutes before the downpour:


Just married!

The rain couldn't stop us:

So after the storms passed we got to cruise around in an electric vehicle, Jess kept it on the road most of time ;)

Katie and Jonathan got engaged right in front of the lake in downtown Celebration...and re-creating the scene was a very serious and dramatic event :-P

Just in time for 4th of July:

After I walked through the fountain we headed to a smaller (and less dangerous) one!

After the rain left we really had some beautiful light to play with:

More fun on the golf cart:

Katie's flowers were very well done:

Jonathan decided to show Katie the finer points of golf technique:

But then a fight broke out:

Which was stopped just in time for this amazing sunset:

Did I mention they were so serious and stiff that getting them to relax was difficult :)

And of course sparklers and fun pictures go hand in hand!

Congratulations Katie and Jonathan! Hope you are having a wonderful time on your cruise, and we'll see you when you get back :)


Chris & Jess

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